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Stay Home for HAND on Nov. 11

This year, Hamilton County Area Neighborhood Development Inc. took a new approach to the traditional charity fundraiser.

Rather than asking donors to pony up for a black-tie affair in a rented reception hall, HAND invited its supporters to stay home on the evening of Nov. 11, enjoying the kind of comfort that we work to provide our less-fortunate neighbors.

Stay Home for HAND is the not-for-profit organization’s signature fundraising event. Proceeds will support HAND’s housing-development, home-repair and community-building programs.

HAND has invested nearly $17 million in Hamilton County housing since 2003, including the development of 96 affordable apartments for low-income residents.

Discounted tickets for the virtual event are still available via the button below. The $50 fee is completely tax deductible, since no goods or services are being provided.

SAVE THE DATE: The next Stay Home for HAND non-event is scheduled for Nov. 10, 2018.

Invitation to Stay Home for HAND 2017