Person in slippers relaxing by fire

Stay Home for HAND on Nov. 9

Rather than asking supporters to pony up for a black-tie affair in a rented reception hall, HAND is inviting its supporters to stay home on the evening of Nov. 9, enjoying the kind of comfort that we work to provide our less-fortunate neighbors.

Stay Home for HAND is the not-for-profit organization’s signature fundraising event. Proceeds will support HAND’s housing-development, home-repair and community-building programs.

HAND has invested more than $21 million in housing since 2003, including the development of about 140 affordable rental units for low-income residents.

Tickets are $75 per household or $150 per VIP household. (The cost of tickets is 100% tax deductible, since no goods or services are being provided.)


Stay Home for HAND schedule:

Doors WILL NOT open at 7 p.m.

Dinner WILL NOT be served at 7:30 p.m.

Program WILL NOT commence at 8 p.m.

Online silent auction WILL CLOSE at 9 p.m.