January 17th, 2016


Hello returning readers and welcome newcomers!

Today I wanted to direct my blog more towards my own age group. As a teenager I know that the concept of affordable housing can be hard to digest. Living in wealthy Hamilton County causes many of us teenagers to overlook the importance of the effect affordable housing has on us. Affordable housing plays a large role in developing and stimulating our community. This type of housing allows people from all over to live in our cities, therefore increasing local spending and job growth. This makes it easier for Hamilton County to provide local restaurants, shops, and great downtowns that all ages can enjoy. The economic stimulation that is caused by affordable housing allows the city to maintain the beauty and nostalgia of our home towns. The job production also makes it easier for us teenagers to find the jobs our parents have been pestering us about getting.

Affordable housing can also have a huge impact of us directly. Though we may not like to think about it, our futures are approaching quickly, whether it be in the working field or college. Eventually, we can all agree that it would be nice to have our own place, away from our families, and another step closer to full independence. Finding a house that is both of high quality and low price can be much more difficult than you may anticipate. College is expensive and with the expense comes loans and debts that create an obstacle for the vast majority of students. It can also be difficult to immediately obtain the high paying we dream of. HAND is providing housing that fits both the need for quality and reasonable prices. With affordable housing comes the comfort of a place to call your own and the excitement of being independent without draining your already low bank account.

I know it’s sometimes hard to imagine yourself as something other than a millionaire, but reality is coming and with it, realistic decisions. Affordable housing plays a huge role in our lives whether directly or indirectly. The importance of educating ourselves about its benefits and effects is increasing everyday. HAND is working hard to break down this concept of affordable housing so us teenagers can easily digest it, be aware of it, and become involved in it.