January 22nd, 2016


Hello again!

I wanted to tell you a little more about HAND, just to get you more familiar with the organization. As I have said before, my time spent here has taught me so much. In school, we’re never taught a lot about the community that surrounds us. Interning here has been a great lesson in the importance of community. We often take for granted the people who surround us in our neighborhoods and town. A neighborhood can create such a healthy, fulfilling environment for building relationships and learning teamwork. It’s so much more fun when you’re involved in your community and can take pride in it. HAND works very hard to create these environments for people in Hamilton County by providing them with opportunities to be a part of their surroundings. They work to build teams and committees within neighborhoods so that residents feel more involved. I had never realized how much of a positive impact is created when we put in the effort to take care of our neighbors and neighborhoods.

Another major part of HAND is creating and providing affordable housing in Hamilton County. With the massive amount of people moving to Hamilton County each year for the great school systems and high quality of living, it’s become difficult to supply enough housing for all ranges of income. HAND works diligently to close the gap in affordable housing. Many people in our communities are unaware of the importance and need for affordable housing. It’s easy to paint a pretty picture of Hamilton County without considering the problems it’s facing. Allowing families and individuals from all walks of life to have access to jobs, schools, parks, and other amenities in Hamilton County is a priority that HAND is tackling one project at a time.

It’s important to HAND to get rid of the false stereotype that accompanies affordable housing. Many people cringe at the concept, but it’s nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. When done correctly, affordable housing is not a breeding ground for illegal activities, people taking advantage of their situations, or deteriorating the surrounding communities’ standards. And that’s exactly what HAND does. They’ve created housing in neighborhoods that not just help, but enhance communities. HAND’s housing allows more people to live close to jobs and schools which only builds up Hamilton County. Affordable housing can be the cause of a prosperous town that takes pride in itself and attracts people from all over. HAND is helping to grow Hamilton County by always improving the county for everyone living in it.