Neighborhoods NOW

Launched in 2014 HAND’s Neighborhoods NOW initiative provides opportunities for communities to work with their neighbors to improve their surroundings. These quality-of-life projects could be a neighborhood cleanup, community garden, or street beautification.  HAND provides seed funding and other support to encourage groups to participate.

Applications for 2017 are being accepted through March 31. 

Long term, the Neighborhoods NOW program also will lead to better connections among corporate and faith-based groups looking for volunteer opportunities, and to strategic investments of HAND’s housing resources.  It will be amazing to see communities match and leverage these resources to continue additional projects for years to come!   Learn how you can make this initiative thrive by visiting our sponsorship page!

Our four projects for 2015 were:

Keep Fishers Beautiful

Project Summary: KFB again targeted one area to focus its work and efforts. They held a very successful work day on April 18th beautifying yards, plant beds, and other small tasks. The City of Fishers again supported these efforts with the help of Fisher’s award-winning Department of Public Works and other city staff.

Brickman Crew

HAND Executive Director Nate Lichti speaking at Keep Fishers Beautiful work day, April 2015

Former HAND Executive Director Nate Lichti speaking at a Keep Fishers Beautiful work day in April 2015.


getting started!

getting started!

Potter’s Woods Property Owners Association: 

Project Summary: This group of neighbors is looking for ways to improve their community while also encouraging volunteers to get involved. Look for future work days and opportunity to become engaged.

SouthWest Quad:

Project Summary: This historic neighborhood located in southern portion of Noblesville is working off the energy created by a recent planning process, initiated by the City of Noblesville. A successful work day was held on April 11th, in Southside Park, in partnership with Noblesville Parks. Mulch was spread, plants were planted, and the shelter was painted. Look here for future work days and further opportunities to become involved with this group of committed neighbors!


HAND remains committed to both Village Glen Mobile Home and Sheridan as their projects await better weather for implementation!

The four projects HAND supported in 2014 were:

Our Gardens in Westfield at Village Glen Mobile Home Community 

Project Summary:  Village Glen will utilize three empty lots for raised garden beds. The mobile home park management company knows that a number of their families are seeking food assistance at local food pantries, and yet they are ineligible for food stamps. The goal is to grow enough useable food to supplement food budgets, as well as grow some community connections. This initiative is being led by the property management company in full partnership with community residents.  And will increase a sense of community ownership and stewardship. The garden will offer inter-generational exposure to cultural traditions and a cultural exchange with other gardeners.  This project will begin in April. There are plans for a garden celebration and salsa contest.

Greater Home Place Neighborhood Association

Project Summary:  Home Place held a very successful community-wide clean-up/clean-out day in September. This included picking up litter, accepting heavy & large trash items such as old couches, mattresses and etc. The day  included dispensing information about HAND’s home repair program. Home Place is already an active neighborhood association, and this event will help them to make further connections among neighbors, deepen other connections and build relationships with local businesses. The clean-up day included 2 dumpsters logistically placed for easy drive-up deposits, and an opportunity for recycling. Trash bags and gloves were also provided to participants. Pizza and other snacks were available throughout the day for volunteers and neighbors.

Keep Fishers Beautiful – Sunblest Subdivision

This is another neighborhood clean-up in the Sunblest subdivision, but it is also the launch of a new initiative for the Fishers community, Keep Fishers Beautiful. This effort has the support of the Town of Fishers, though it is not an initiative of local government. The Town of Fishers supported the initiative with in-kind donations and staff time.  Sunblest neighbors are invested in making their neighborhood a great place to live. There was a general neighborhood clean-up of litter, together with brush removal, mulching, pruning, flower plantings, and minor repairs (mailbox painting, etc.) The work included a focus on the landscaping surrounding neighborhood entrance signage. Their successful work day was held on May 3rd and included over 80 volunteers.

 Fourth Street in Sheridan

Project Summary: The Fourth Street neighbors are living in a community with few resources. Their sidewalks are in disrepair, and the property owners are responsibility for curb and sidewalk maintenance and replacement. This is a cost that simply cannot be borne by the single mothers or seniors on limited incomes. In addition, there are trees and shrubbery in desperate need of structural pruning and/or removal. The street would benefit greatly from general TLC, such as flower-planting and general clean-up. Other minor repairs are planned, such a painting doors and shutters for some homeowners. The grant request is for supplies, such as cement for sidewalk repair, paint and landscape materials (mulch, plants). Neighbor engagement has begun on the street, including longtime homeowners and renters. Positive energy is beginning to emerge yet resources are needed beyond this grant to improve the infrastructure to make it safe and improve quality of life for its residents.

For more information about Neighborhoods NOW, please contact:

Andrea Davis, Outreach Coordinator