Quantifying the Need … and Recommending Solutions

2022 Hamilton County Housing Study

As the COVID-19 pandemic began to impact Hamilton County, a group of community leaders formed the Hamilton County Housing Collaborative. In 2021, the Collaborative worked with members HAND and the Noblesville Housing Authority to study the county’s housing needs, and to make recommendations on strategies that could help address them.

The report from Indianapolis-based consultant Greenstreet, Ltd., showed that Hamilton County is becoming less affordable to more people. Stagnant incomes and growing home prices create affordability problems for most income groups, but especially for those households earning less than $98,000 (120 percent of area median income).

Given current funding and construction trends, it will take about 286 years to meet current demand for income-based housing.

To address the issue of decreasing attainability, Hamilton County stakeholders must work together to reduce the cost of development, remove the social stigma attached to attainable housing, stabilize and support at-risk individuals and families, and increase funding for affordable housing.

Click the highlighted text to read the 2022 Hamilton County Housing Study (and its Data Supplement) and learn more about Community Land Trusts, Housing Trust Funds, Public-Private-Philanthropic Partnerships, and Strategies to Increase & Diversify Housing.

The study was released at HAND’s Suburban Housing Conference on May 4.