#Housing4HamCo Campaign

We are excited to announce the kickoff of our #Housing4HamCo campaign.  The campaign is meant to bring awareness to the need of affordable housing in Hamilton County.  We are doing this via the distribution of a window cling that you can place in your car or at  your office.   To get one, simply contact our office.  All we ask is that we get some information about you and that you pledge a charitable donation of whatever you wish to give to support the cause.  Finally, be sure to proudly display your window cling whether it be in your car or at the office.


housing for all pic

Thousands in our community experience housing instability in ways that affect their health, finances and sense of community. Families make difficult choices each day in order to keep their children enrolled in the high quality public schools found throughout Hamilton County.   Many of these families cope with the expense of living in Hamilton County by visiting food pantries, working multiple jobs, or seeking assistance from their nearby Township Trustee.

HAND desires to build a better community throughout Hamilton County – where residents in need are not faced with spending every extra dollar on housing and where everyone – from Millennials to Boomers  – can be vibrant, engaged citizens.

The support and donations generated through this campaign will enable HAND to utilize strategies that were developed at the Neighborhoods NOW Conference, starting this year through 2018.

    • Growth Strategies
      • Partner with businesses to meet employees’ needs, encourage business expansion, support place-making in northern Hamilton County and generate funding for mixed-income developments.
    • Affordability
      • Support public and private partnerships to address critical, immediate housing needs while maintaining a focus on permanent housing options that promotes vibrant, stable communities
    • Sustainability
      • linking jobs with housing, which reduces commuter costs
    • Seniors
      • Create housing that allows seniors to age in place, and build communities that are physically and financially accessible for all generations.