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At the start of 2013, HAND joined over 30 local partners from around Hamilton County to update the County’s Housing Needs Assessment. The Research Advisory Committee, with the guidance of consultant IACED, reviewed the data collection and responded to the interests of each community within Hamilton County. This effort has provided valuable information for each community as they work to understand their specific housing needs and develop innovative and sustainable methods to address and meet those needs.

The complete Hamilton County Housing Needs Assessment is available here:
pdf 2013 Hamilton County Housing Needs Assessment (pdf)

The following are some key points which continue to demonstrate a need for providing quality housing which is also affordable to the residents of Hamilton County:

  • INCOME: Although Hamilton County’s median income is $84,449, well above the state median of $48,393, still more than 25% of the population in Hamilton County earns less than $50,000 per year, or below 60% of the area median income (AMI) as designated by HUD.
      • 4.7% of all people in Hamilton County live in poverty, well below the state level of 14.1%. However, pockets of higher poverty exist with a poverty level of 17.1% in Arcadia as well as isolated areas in unincorporated portions of the county.
      • 49.6% of seniors in Hamilton County live at or below 60% AMI. 15% of seniors in Sheridan currently live in poverty
      • 6% of children in Hamilton County live in poverty, with higher percentages in Arcadia at 25.5%, and Cicero at 22.3%.
      • Approximately 20% of Female Headed Households in Hamilton County live in poverty, with the highest percentage found in Westfield at 32%
  • HOUSING: There are 104,958 housing units in Hamilton County with a median value of $212,800.
      • Median rent for the county is at $919 per month, above the state median of $704. The highest median rent can be found in Fishers at $1,026 and lowest found in Sheridan at $547.
      • 63% of renters living with low incomes in Hamilton County are cost burdened, spending more than 35% of their monthly income on housing costs.
      • Only 1.7% of all housing units in Hamilton County were developed with the intent of serving low income households, while nearly 25% of households county-wide may be eligible having an income at or below 60% AMI.
  • TRANSPORTATION: Commuting to work is a significant consideration for housing growth in suburban communities. In Hamilton County, 85% of communters drive alone in a car to work.
      • The average household in Hamilton County spends 59% of their income on housing and transportation (32% housing, 27% transportation.)
      • 98% of ALL households are cost burdened when taking into account transportation costs (the cost of traveling to and from work and daily amenities) with housing costs.
  • POPULATION: There are 274,569 individuals in Hamilton County based on the 2010 Census, with a projected increase to 497,043 by the year 2035.
      • 8% of the population in Hamilton County is made up of seniors, with a projected increase to 18% of the population by the year 2035.
      • 43% of households in Hamilton County have one or more children below the age of 18.
To access the full set of documents supporting the 2013 Housing Needs Assessment, please follow this link: pdf
Watch the videos about this issue made for our 2015 Neighborhoods NOW Conference:

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