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Hamilton County’s Section 8 wait list to open for first time since ’14

The Noblesville Housing Authority will be accepting pre-applications online for its Housing Choice Voucher Waiting List from 9 a.m. Oct. 2, 2018, through 4 p.m. Oct. 9, 2018.

Pre-applications must be submitted online at www.waitlistcheck.com/IN2939. There is no fee to apply.

Applicants will be able to submit the required information from any computer, tablet, or smart phone with online access. Status information regarding placement on the list will be available online within 10 calendar days after the closing date. Instructions regarding obtaining status information are provided during the online application process.

No paper applications will be accepted. Applicants must apply during the period the list is open for applications.

Reasonable Accommodation: It is the policy of the Noblesville Housing Authority to provide reasonable accommodations to those persons with disabilities so they can participate equally in its housing programs. To request a reasonable accommodation, please contact the Housing Authority at (317) 773-5110 ext. 101 no later than 4 p.m. Sept. 26. Persons with Limited English Proficiency will be offered competent interpretation services free of charge upon request.

“We are excited to be opening our waiting list so that we can provide housing assistance to more families and the elderly who are in need,” said NHA Executive Director Aimee Jacobsen. “Our new process for accepting pre-applications online will allow the greatest possible access to apply and help our agency efficiently meet the high demand for applications we anticipate. We have developed an application process that affords every interested applicant the opportunity to apply.”

Due to limited funding availability, not all applicants will be placed on the waiting list. Pre-applications will be selected and ordered using a random lottery system, keeping the process equitable and fair.

The time and date the application is submitted online has no bearing on whether it will be selected for the waiting list. There is no  advantage to applying immediately after the list opens. Applicants can apply online using a computer, tablet or smart phone with internet access anytime during the time the wait list is open.

Online applications will automatically be sorted by Noblesville Housing Authority preferences. Applicants who live or work in Hamilton County, are elderly or disabled, are veterans, or who live or work in Indiana will receive a preference on the list and are therefore encouraged to apply. After the pre-applications are sorted by preference, the online system will randomly select 200 of the pre-applications using a lottery system.

Applicants may verify if they were selected by logging in with their unique code online at www.housinglistcheck.com/IN2939 within 10 calendar days after the closing date.

The Housing Choice Voucher program is the federal government’s primary program that allows very low-income families to choose and lease or purchase safe, decent, and affordable privately-owned rental housing.

The Housing Choice Voucher program covers the rent portion that exceeds approximately 30 percent of an eligible family’s monthly income. Any and all income-eligible families may submit a pre-application.

Acceptance and/or assistance are based on income verification, eligibility requirements, preference factors, and a lottery selection process. Maximum income levels, based on family size are as follows:

Family Size / Income Limit

  1. $27,050
  2. $30,900
  3. $34,750
  4. $38,600
  5. $41,700
  6. $44,800
  7. $47,900
  8. $51,000

Pre-applications will be removed from the wait list if any of the following are determined after the initial interview:

  • Drug or violent criminal activity within the last five years. If any drug activity, you may remain on the list if you have completed or are in a drug rehabilitation program at the time of the initial interview.
  • Life-time registered sex offender
  • Persons convicted of manufacturing or producing methamphetamine
  • If any family member has been evicted/terminated from a federally-assisted housing program in the past five years.
  • Criminal background checks and screening for previous tenant history in assisted housing is conducted at the time of the eligibility interview for all adult household members.

Questions? Please contact the Noblesville Housing Authority directly at (317) 773-5110.