We’re been staying home since before it was required!

Person in slippers relaxing by fire

In any other year, we would all be preparing right now for a busy holiday season — that fourth-quarter dash through office parties and school concerts and charity fundraisers.

That’s why we introduced Stay Home for HAND as our signature fundraiser in 2017, to give our supporters an excuse to take a Saturday night off and spend time enjoying the kind of comfort that HAND works to provide our less-fortunate neighbors.

Then came 2020.

Most of us have spent months at home this year, whether we wanted to or not. And we haven’t necessarily been enjoying it. Staying safe during a global pandemic has meant transforming our homes into offices, schools, and warehouses for toilet paper and other necessities.

But can you imagine doing all of that when you’re not sure how you’re going to pay your rent or utility bill? When making a mortgage payment means you have to get groceries at a food bank?

With your help, HAND is working to provide housing that low- and moderate-income families in our community can afford without stretching — or sacrificing. And we couldn’t do it without you.

So you’re invited to support HAND’s efforts by staying in the evening of Nov. 21 — or any Saturday night before the end of the year — and taking the time to really enjoy the place you call home. Soak up the warmth. Snuggle into the comfort. And rest well knowing you are making a difference.

Individual tickets are $25, household tickets $75 and VIP households $150. VIP households will receive a small token of our appreciation, and all “attendees” will have a chance to win one of three prize baskets we will announce in the coming weeks. Winners will be drawn on Facebook Live at noon, Monday, Nov. 23.