Capacity Building Effort in Sheridan

HAND (Hamilton County Area Neighborhood Development) recently secured a contract to provide the Town of Sheridan with leadership training and action planning to help spur successful implementation of their comprehensive plan.  Sheridan continues to be on the cusp of investment and revitalization.

“Sheridan always impresses me with their level of civic engagement”, said Nate Lichti, Executive Director of HAND.  “There are so many service clubs, churches and youth programs that make this place a vibrant, healthy community.”

It’s been a year and a half since Sheridan’s Comprehensive Plan was presented before a packed house at the Sheridan Community Center, and since then, a variety of steps have been taken.  “The town council is very proactive and there’s a great plan, but they need others to step up in a new way to help with implementation,” says Lichti. “The challenge the town continually struggles with is there are so many competing interests, it’s hard for local leaders to fill in the gaps without burning out.”

HAND’s contract brings in the Indiana Association for Community and Economic Development (IACED) to provide the capacity building trainings for emerging leaders along with existing board members.  Each training session will help residents gain access to skills and information to aid them in further civic involvement.

HAND hopes these activities reignite the Renew Sheridan collaboration, an effort started in 2014 to coordinate community initiatives between the Town, Sheridan Schools, Chamber of Commerce and HAND.  An action plan will be developed to spur the Renew Sheridan collaboration and further the vision laid out in the Comprehensive Plan.

HAND’s mission is to invest in neighborhoods, build partnerships and provide housing solutions to improve lives and build community in Hamilton County. HAND does this by providing affordable housing options through the development of rental properties, assisting low income homeowners with repairs, and partnering with neighborhood groups on beautification and improvement projects.