January 29th, 2016

Hello! Hope you’re having a great day!
So in this blogpost I thought I’d update and tell you about two of HAND’s current building projects. As you may know, HAND has built housing in Sheridan, Cicero, and Noblesville. Currently HAND is working on transforming and restoring the Roper Capstone building as well as the Noblesville Granary-Elevator and Lofts.
roper capstone front facade cropped  1 3
Roper Capstone is located downtown Noblesville just off the square. HAND has been working hard to renovate and complete the old building into beautiful housing. Construction has just finished and Roper Capstone is officially open! The building has created six new affordable one-bedroom apartment homes just a walk away from downtown Noblesville’s variety of shops, restaurants, and bars. The apartments are looking wonderful and now all that HAND needs is some wonderful residents!
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The other major project HAND is tackling is the Noblesville Granary-Elevator and Lofts, or the grain elevator, or that old mill downtown Noblesville. Being a Noblesville High School Miller myself, I always loved driving or walking by the beautiful structure. I knew our team mascot had derived from the old mill so I took a sort of pride in it, though I had never even been inside it. I mean, what’s a miller without a mill? So when I found out that HAND was working diligently to save the structure from being demolished, I was thrilled! Not too mention I got the perk of taking a look on the inside, and let me tell you, it was breathtaking. The wood beams supporting the structure are never ending and craftsmanship of the wood is astonishing. Only by hand and a hundred years ago could it be built so beautifully. The wooden structure was first built in 1904 with the purpose of expanding Noblesville’s agricultural economy and the town itself. The grain elevator was still in use until about two years ago. HAND is planning on saving as much of the Historic Grain Elevator as possible and using the structure to create 54 apartments for those with low-incomes. The apartments will be accompanied by green space and parking for residents. Also, the apartments will help allow people working downtown to remain close to their job in order to cut down on travel expenses and allow the children of residents to attend Noblesville schools. Though they have just begun the project, HAND has already accomplished so much by saving the historic granary from demolition, and they are proud!